Brass Grill Brush

grill brush (3)
The Do-Be brass grill brush incorporates the most modern design for grill cleaning tools. The diamond-shaped head is designed to allow excellent penetration between grill grates while also providing maximum width to  minimize the number of strokes needed to clean the whole grill surface.
At 21 inches this brush handle is the longest available on the market.  This feature allows for scrubbing a hot grill without danger of getting burned in the process.  This extra length also provides leverage which makes for an easy application of pressure when needed to dislodge a stubborn bit of charred remains.
Brass bristles are, in many people's opinion, superior to stainless steel.  Although the brass is clearly a softer material which will easily become distorted with excessive pressure, it allows for greater penetration and will nearly always get the job done without a need to bear down too hard.  For people with porcelain grill grates the brass bristle is a must to avoid scratching and marring the more delicate surface.

Oven Mitt

New Image from Elance-7Our oven mitt or grill mitt is perfect for handling utensils, hot food or pots and pans while tending an outdoor grill, but is equally useful in the kitchen.  Its quilted silver interior provides excellent insulation making it possible to handle items up to 400° without any discomfort.
What is unique about this glove is the unusual length which provides protection not only for the hand and wrist like most mitts, but also a generous portion of the lower arm which is where many burns occur because of accidentally bumping against the side of a grill cover or an oven.
The Do-Be mitt can be worn on either hand and has a convenient tab for hanging in a convenient location.

Grill Mat

The grill mat is  a rather remarkable recent addition to the array of devices and tools that make the outdoor grilling experience so enjoyable. The most unpleasant aspect of operating a barbecue is undoubtedly the mess that gets left on the grill after the food had been removed leaving a greasy residue and bit and chunks of charred food. This problem is, as if by magic, completely solved by the introduction of the teflon-coated silicone grill mat.
The grill mat is a relatively thin sheet which is placed directly on the grill grates with the food then put on the mat. This results in a number of happy advantages, the most obvious of which is that when the cooking is done, the mat is simply removed and the grill grates are pristine thus eliminating any need for the onerous chore of scrubbing. That is not the only benefit of using the mat however.  You will not longer have to deal with food sticking to the grill as the teflon surface makes it possible to slide any food easily onto your spatula or plate. Remember that old problem when grilling small items of food such as shrimp which often tend to fall through the grill grates into the fire? Problem eliminated. Experiencing flame-ups from grease spilling onto the coals? By taking care to avoid having the grease go over the side of the mat, this problem is also a thing of the past.
Not only will your grill grates remain clean, but cleaning the mat itself is nearly always a piece of cake as the residue from cooking will generally come off easily with a rinse and perhaps some soapy water. The mat is dishwasher safe, so running it through a cycle is sometimes the way to go.

Do-Be Grill Light

productThis lamp contains a 21-bulb LED array which will provide good illumination for an area sufficiently large to extend to the breadth of most home barbecue grills. It is equipped with a strong magnetic base which will attach securely to any ferrous surface including the lids or covers of almost all grills. The flexible neck is easy to manipulate and will hold its position.
The light operates on three AAA batteries (not included) which make the unit wholly portable. In addition to the main LED array the light is furnished with an additional six-bulb LED arrangement at the tip which can serve as a flashlight, handy for searching for things in the dark.
Although this lamp is being promoted as a grill light, it is equally useful for any night work or in any enclosed space where light is needed. It is perfect for working under the hood of a car at night or for use in an enclosed workshop.