Grill Brush

grill brush (4)This is one of the best purchases I ever made. We BBQ frequently and have tried every product offered to clean the grill. None of them ever worked well until we used the Brass Grill Brush. It is fantastic. Works between grill rods, cleans even the toughest baked on grease or solids and leaves the grill top looking like new. I could not give a higher recommendation to purchase than I do for the Brass Grill Brush.

Great brush. The handle is wonderful for keeping your knuckles from frying off. bristles are solid and do a great job getting to the edges, as well as around the grates. cleans up just fine with hot soapy water.

The BEST grill cleaning brush. It's hard to find Brass Bristles in stores. When cleaning anything, never use a brush made from harder material that the surface you are cleaning. This means NEVER use Stainless Steel. The Stainless Steel brush will last a very long time but will scratch your surface causing more things to stick to it. I replace my brush every 2 to 3 years. I have porcelain coated grills and over 5 years have not scratched them with these brushes. I clean the grill before I cook. I get the grill very hot and brush gently (that's why I need a 21 inch brush). Crud falls right off.

Grill MItt

New Image from Elance-3This is an awesome little oven mitt! I love how far it goes up my arm. Although it was much shorter on my husband, he still enjoyed using it while grilling. I'm gold to report that I didn't feel any heat on my hands after holding a hot cast iron skillet for a couple minutes!!! Great buy and I recommend it!!!

It has become somewhat a joke in my house that every holiday, I either end up with a major burn or a major cut. The last two times it has just so happened to be a burn. Many people reviewed this as a barbecue mitt but I will offer a different perspective. The last oven mitts I used left the top above my wrist exposed so sure enough, I added another war wound to my collection. This year I cooked for Memorial Day and not one burn! This mitt is great. It is so long that even when you want to stick your hand way into the oven to fix the tinfoil you aren't going to catch your wrist on top coils. It is thick too. The colors on the edge are vibrant and fun! Okay so I will admit that my hubby has used this barbecuing. It was more than big enough to fit his large hand. If I have one tiny complaint, I would say that I wish they came in a pair for my clumsy oven debacles. Other than that, it's great quality for the price.

+Material and construction looks good
+Length works for my average size hand(s)
+Thickness, although the gloves feels a bit thinner than our favorite set used for outdoor grilling, it does seem adequate to protect against the heat
+GUARANTEED. Highest Lifetime replacement guarantee for heat resistant gloves (found in listing) - this is a +
+Price, at the time of this review, seems fairly priced (imo)
-None at this time

I am very happy with this BBQ mitt. The fabric is very thick and it has a reflective inner lining and it easy to slip on and off. I took a cast iron pan out of the oven which was 350 degrees and no heat penetrated the glove and got to my hand. The glove is a great length, it comes far enough up the arm, that you won't have to worry about getting your arm burned when reaching into the BBQ, oven or other hot area (hopefully, someday an out

Grill Mat

Don Lowry - Grill mat 03These are awesome at helping keep the grill clean and you not having to scrub a dingy old grill. I have a ceramic grate on my grill and so you cant just wire brush it. I put these on and when I am done with the grill I shut it all down. Now I do one of 2 things. I will let it cool then take it up or I will use my tongs and a plate to make not so much of a drippy mess. and I wash it with soap and water. Super easy. These have made grilling fun again. I didn't grill at all last yr. this yr I have been because of these I am so thankful.

We really like this grill mat. It's made of quality material and really helps when grilling things that normally fall through the grill like salmon, other kinds of fish, vegy's etc. I've been wanting to purchase one for a while.

It heats up and cooks the food just as described. The best part is that my grill is a lot less of a chore to clean. If I do cook any meats that have juices they will spill over into the grill so there is still some grill maintenance that has to be done.
- Saves you the 20 minutes it takes to fully clean a grill
- Rolls up nice and easy for storage
- Still get the grill lines which is awesome!

Grill Light


Great for patio grilling at night or with low lighting!
Just fired up the grill and gave this a shot. The magnetic base is very strong and the flexible neck is very easy to maneuver. I'm not sure how long this will last but I'm pretty sure I can get at least three years out of it as long as its stored inside during winter. It has two modes which are both very convenient depending on your setup. Once I'm done it folds up pretty compact and stores away easily. I did receive this at a discount for my honest review, so I'll also mention the con which was only the weight of the entire light. Some might find it bulky but overall great quality and design.

They work great on my chop saw and my drill press
Thought I'd take a chance on a couple of these lights for my woodworking shop. When they arrived I almost sent them back because the box is so small and none of the photos provided show the size of the light in context with a power tool. However, they work great on my chop saw and my drill press. I'm ordering two more for my lathe and band saw. The only issue I have encountered is that my chop saw base is cast aluminum so be advised you will have to improvise if your tool is not steel. I used a pair of linemen's pliers for a magnetic base.

This is brilliant! This light is the handiest thing ever
This is brilliant!
This light is the handiest thing ever.
It sticks to anything metal, so it can be used in numerous places.
It is sturdy and stays the way you bend it.
The light is super bright and there is a smaller light on the end you can use as a flashlight.
I used it in my car engine to check all the fluids, I just stuck it to the hood anywhere I needed extra light.
And of course you can use it on your grill to make sure your steaks are perfect.